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The Tepees are fully equipped and have a concrete floor, normal beds with bed frames and good mattresses.

So you´re not laying on the ground but in a normal bed on legs so the beds are just as comfortable as your own bed at home! There is also a possibility we place a cot.
If you wish this, please let us know.

In addition to the spacious sleeping places the Tepees have also multiple good storage options.

With every Tepee is an outdoor kitchenette with all the daily necessities such as gas cooker, fridge, pans, plates,
cutlery, glasses etc.

Close by the Tepee is also a robust spacious picnic table.
And your car can be parked in the parking lot which is
very near by the Tepee.
The sanitary facilities are located very nearby the Tepees.
good sanitary facilities are important for a carefree holiday.
To the toilets and showers we have put in much attention.
We have separate showers, separate from the toilets with a
small washbasin. In another separate space, we have two very
spacious showers. There are also two sinks with a large mirror.

The magic of the Teepee you must experience yourself!

For this magical Tepees apply the following attractive rates

The Tepee, better known as Indians tent or wigwam, offers you the possibility to spend the night in a special and unique way.

The Tepees on our very spacious camping ground are to the original Indian model. Once they were made of skins together with sinew thread and the people slept on skins. In the middle of the Tepee was a small fireplace for the warmth and to prepare the food.

Our fully equipped Teepees can be best
described as;
a luxurios way of camping
where you have much less worries so that you can fully enjoy your stay.

Sleeping in a teepee  is a great experience. The material is impregnated waterproof cotton and polyester.
The door of the tepee is around and according to tradition to the east.... toward the rising sun.
At the top the tepee can be open for a large part. The temperature in the tepee is pleasant because of the continuous air circulation and the canvas of the tepee provides the sultry Spanish summer months for a very welcome cool night.

On our mini camping site we have two different sizes, the Tepee Grande and the Tepee Mayor.
The Tepee Grande is with a diameter of 5 meters suitable for one to four people and the
Tepee Mayor is with a diameter of 6 meters suitable for five till six people.
Its in our name ¨Campo Alegre¨ and we will do everything to have, you as a guest, to enjoy a relaxing and of course happy holiday.
There are some things that even on a holiday has to be done... ....
Even if we don´t want to. To make it easier for you we offer two fully equipped kitchens. What does that mean for you?

That you can prepare your food in a beautiful well equipped kitchen with four pit gas stove, hot water and all the kitchenware on convenience so with all the comfort of home you can prepare your food on your holiday. In the kitchen you will find cutlery, plates, pans and everything you will need. This we hope.... makes your necessary daily work to a pleasant and cosy event so you can just enjoy your holiday.

We offer you with our fully equipped Tepees
a unique and luxurious way of camping.

The picture below is to give you an idea of the size, and also the space, in the tepee!


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It is also good to know that you don´t have unexpected financial surprises because the rates for the Tepees are including weekly fresh linen, duvets, pillows, kitchen towel, towels, gas (for cooking), water and electricity.

To make it as easy as possible for our guests we offer you, for a small fee, the use of beach towels.

For the little ones there is the possibility to rent a cot and/or children chair.

Before departing, the Tipi should be left behind reasonably clean.


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