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There are many roads to ...............

but this is the road to Campo Alegre


From Alicante Airport;

* take the motorway A7 direction Valencia/Madrid

* pretty soon at the juncion Alicante take the exit A31

  direction Madrid

* on the A31 take the exit 196 “Sax sur”.

  on the mountain you see the castle of Sax.

* after the exit you take the first roundabout to the right

* follow the route description from: from exit 196 Sax Sur¨


From Valencia;

* on the drive from Valencia AP7/E15

* follow aeropuerto/Alicante/Madrid/Valencia Oeste    AP7/E15

* continue on the CV35 direction Valencia

* continue on the CV31 Valencia Sud

* continue on the V31 Albacete/Alicante

* continue on the N340 Albacete/Alicante

* continue on the V31 Albaceta/Alicante

* continue on the A35 Albacete/Alicante

* take exit 11 to La Font de la Figuera/Murcia    N344/Alacant

* continue on the A31 direction Alicante

* On the A31 you take exit 196 ¨Sax Sur¨. On the mountain

  you see the castle of Sax.

* right after the exit take the roundabout straight ahead

* follow the route description from exit 196 Sax Sur

Route description from the exit 196 Sax Sur;
* follow the road to the next roundabout and turn left to Salinas
* follow this road through the village and at the end you´re
   on the CV830bij deze rotonde slaat u linksaf richting Salinas
* from the sign the end of Sax you pass through a small tunnel
  after about 2,3 kilometer
* from the small tunnel it is about 1,2 kilometer and you will
  see our sign with the indian springs on the left side
* here you go left
* take the first possibility on the left to a sand road
  (see the signs)
* you see a pole with sign, here you turn to the left
* you are now driving on our road and have arrived!
* the terrain is completely fenced for the safety of children
  and animals so press the bell or three times claxon
  And we welcome you to Campo Alegre.

Coordinats; N 38º31’04.20” - W 0º51’39.83”

If you have difficulties to find Campo Alegre
Do not hesitate to call us (0034) 635 363 008!

We will be happy to help you!


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