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Together we are strong for a ..........
Pleasant and happy holiday for everybody!

Accomodations are available on the day of arrival from 15:00. On arrival you are required to first check in with your passport or identity card. On the day of departure you have untill 11:00 to leave your accommodation tidy. If this is not the case we will charge € 35,=. Earlier departure are non-refundable.

If cancelled 30 days before arrival date, the cancellation costs are 35%. After this we charge 100%. We recommend our guests to take a cancellation insurance.

Your visitors are very welcome but at any time upon arrival they first must sign in, register and comply with the payment.

Pets are allowed but must be signed in on arrival. On the condition that they are leashed and token outside the campsite for their needs.

Barbecuing is only allowed in the barbecue we have available for you. Lighting up a fire is prohibited.
Everybody is required to close all gates of the fence of the swimmingpool and children may NOT stay within the fence without an adult.

The mainhouse, its terrace and secluded garden is private property. If you do not find us on the site and the bar is closes and/or we are in private you can use the bell at the door of the bar or our phone number 0034 635 363 008.
We live by the Spanish way of life and enjoy some private time at the siesta, we ask you to respect this and only contact us for urgent cases or emergencies.

It is not permitted to allow our dog Jessy in your accommodation or give command´s. If he brings a stick do not throw it for him. Jessy never gives up and runs until his foots are open until bleeding with all its consequences. It is forbidden to give Jessy and our other animals whatever to eat. We have customers all year round and we urgent ask you to respect this! Only feed our chickens, they like everything and your kitchen waste is a true party meal for them!

In your accommodation you can make use of all existing electronic devices. Of course you can also use your own mobile and/or laptop for charging and/or using. If you wish to use other electric devices, please discuss it with us in advance but always let us know before using. It is absolutely not allowed to use your own electric blanket, air conditioning or electric heating in your accommodation. We offer you the possibility to ues a gas heater from us. Ask us for the conditions. If you have a question about this, please let us know.

If the water in the shower and/or kitchen gets colder, please notify us so we can change the gas bottles. The towels we offer yout to use are no beach towels and not for use on the sun loungers by the pool, at the beach or any other location.

The indians were very good at it.... but it is not allowed to prepare smoke signals by smoking, candles or any fire from the tipi´s send to other camps. The ropes of the tipi´s are not intended as clotheslines!

Because of uninvited guests (animals from nature) please store your waste high and closed, possibly weighted by a stone. Please put your waste in garbags bags into the bins, no lose waste please.

If you notice something that is not complete or broken, we ask you kindly to report it so we can repair or replace.

The owners and/or employees of Campo Alegre are not responsible for accidents within the ground. By entering the site our guests and/or visitors expressly disclaims any right to responsibility and/or compensation.

As you can see these are no special conditions but conditions that are self evident. If these rules are not followed we are forced to take measures which may eventually result in, on our request leaving Campo Alegre without a refund of the fees already paid by you. However, of course we hope on a normal enforcement of the norms and conditions so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant and safe stay. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them.
We wish you a very pleasant and a nice stay.


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         Copyright                               Links                               Disclaimer                               Contact

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