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Our pitches are rural, peaceful located, surrounded by nature, with well kept facilities.

Child friendly but above all warm, cosy and.......

on the sunniest spot of Spain.



We have 15 very spacious camping pitches at our rustic camping which no one as less than 10 by 10 meters because w attach high value to your sense of freedom and privacy. You have wonderful views to large mountains and on all sides there are almond and olive groves. Our spacious camping pitches are to a field road and are easily accessible for tents, caravans and campers.


The mulberry and pine trees provide shade around the campsites. Some of our pitches have their disposal privat  outside kitchen sink with a water supplie and drain. It allows you to place your own cooking comfort and that is certainly useful and practical.

All pitches have an own water supply.

You can park your car on your camping pitch or in the parking lot, which is located near your camping pitch.


Well groomed sanitary facilities;

Good sanitary facilities are important for a carefree holiday. To the toilets and showers on our rustic camping, we devote a lot of attention. Apart of the showers there are two toilets with a washbasin. Our toilets are equipped with toilet paper so you do not have to walk over the camp site with your own toilet paper.

In another separate space we have two very spacious showers. We offer standard hot water and we have no coin-operated showers. There are also two sinks with a large mirror.


We offer our guests also the possibility to let do their laundry washing.

Prices camping pitch
July and August
June and September
All other months
Very spacious camping pitches for tent, folding car or caravan incl. 2 persons

€  18,= per day

€  16,= per day

€  12,50 per day
parking for car or motorcycle
€   2,= per day
€    2,= per day
€    2,= per day
Camperpitch incl. 2 persons
Electricity € 0,45 per kw.
€  12,50
€  12,50
€  12,50
Extra person from 10 year
€   5,= per day
€   4,= per day
€   3,= per day
Extra person till 10 year
€   3,50 per day
€   3,= per day
€   2,50 per day
€   3,50 per day
€   3,50 per day
€   3,50 per day
Pets on leash
(always on request)
€   2,= per day
€   1,= per day
1 pet gratis
2e pet € 1,= per day
Visitors (in cosultation, max. 5)
€   5,= per day
€   4,= per day
€   3,50 per day

Extra luxury facilities;

We are not called for nothing “Campo Alegre” and we want to do a lot to make your camping holiday as relaxing as possible. There are some things that even on a holiday needs to be done even if we do not always like it or want to do. To make it, for you as a camping guest, as easy as possible, we offer you to use for free



What does that means for you?

That you can use a beautiful well equipped kitchen with four gas stove, hot water and all kitchen amenities to prepare in all comfort your foor. In the kitchen you will find cutlery, plates, spoons and all things needed.

So you don´t have to walk back and forth with all kinds of kitchen-stuff because after the cooking you can do the kitchen washing dishes and store it directly for a next time. This, we hope, turn your daily necessary  worries to a pleasant cosy and cheerful event. Use of these kitchens with hot water, stove and all kitchen amenities we´d like to present to you completely free of charge.  


On our charming mini camping you will find the following facilities;

* Nice swimming pool from 5 by 10 meter with sun beds around

* Children´s playground with slide, swings, rope ladder etc.

* Bocce ball/petanque court (balls present)

* Table tennis table (bat and balls present)

* Regular joint meals together

* Wireless internet on all camping places

* Campfire under the totem pole

* Fresh bread service

* Laundry service

* Langdon place for cassetes of caravans/campers with clean water place

* By sufficient participation organised workshop day of mosaics

* A bar with a loits of books, music and board games.


In addition there are many activities and attractions in the near neighborhood.

Look at the huge amount of possibilities at the page area on this website of our information maps in the bar.


For this very spacious camping pitches with luxury features we have the below listed attractive rates.


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