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About us
Since the age of 16th I, Helga van der Heijden, was going
on holiday with my father to Spain and dreamed of having
my own life in Spain. It still took a long time for doing so.
As a financial advisor in my own business I was, among the other things, very busy calculating pensions for other people. I dreamed of having my pension in Spain at the age of 60th and was working hard to go for that.
But then things changed.....
my mother died at the age of 59 years old! And that was
the moment! I was thinking: but what if I don´t make it until the age of 60? Dreaming my whole life .... why wait?

After a long search we found the perfect place in 2007.....
in the middle of the beautiful nature in the still Spanish village of Sax on the Costa Blanca just half an hour drive from the beach and the airport.

A wonderful period of building up started and along with my three children, Kim (1991, now independent), Gina (2005) and Julian (2006) we still enjoy every day of our life in this delicious paradise on earth.
Our life on the Costa Blanca with 320 days of sunshine per year, is the by the World Health Organization declared the healthiest area of the world, is something we still enjoy every day and are very grateful for. We find it extremely fun to constanly having the opportunity to meet and get to know new people. We put our heart and soul in the work at the camp site and we hope you will see that back as we hope to welcome you on Campo Alegre.

And what could be more beautiful than to share this?
Therefore we will do everything to, you as a guest on Campo Alegre, let you enjoy a wonderful and carefree holiday because..............

Your satisfaction is our definition of success!

We hope to welcome you soon.
Hasta pronto......  See you soonl!
Saludos Helga, Gina, Julian